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16:16 12/01/2017

Nest Learning Thermostat third-gen: the simple, effective heating gadget

The Nest Learning Thermostat isn’t the only smart heating controller on the market. They all perform a similar duty, adding learning, remote control and intelligence into the standard scheduling thermostat. The new Nest looks very similar to the previous version. It is a round disk with a diameter of 8.4cm and a depth of 3.2cm that is either mounted to the wall or stuck in a tabletop stand. The outside metal ring rotates for selecting options and adjusting the temperature. The whole thing can be depressed as a giant selection button. Together they work very well, feeling intuitive with a good weight to them, like something mechanical and pleasing to use. The screen is a big upgrade over the previous Nest: larger, brighter and crisper, which makes quite a difference when using it, as you typically stand quite close. A bottom black strip contains sensors that detect your movements in front of the thermostat as well as the available light and direct heat from the Sun.