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14:02 12/01/2017

Amazon Echo Dot review: as good as the Echo for one-third of the price

The Dot is a small black or white puck with a ring of lights at the top, four buttons and a seven-microphone array – the same system that makes the Echo speaker so good at hearing you from pretty much anywhere. It listens out for a “wake word”, which by default is the name of the voice assistant contained within the Dot: “Alexa”. Say the wake word and the voice assistant comes to life to answer questions, take commands and perform actions. The Dot has a small built-in speaker, which is good enough for all the voice responses Alexa spits out, alarms and other alerts, but is not really designed to play music, producing tinny sound. Instead the back of the Dot has a audio-out port, which is intended plug into your existing speakers. Alternatively, it can pair to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth.